Sterling Vault Safeguards Your Data

Recently we’re noticing a troubling trend in our customer base: RansomWare. These are a particularly sophisticated and nasty type of virus that quietly encrypt your hard-drive while you continue to work. Suddenly the encryption is completed and you’re locked out of your data, and a popup appears requiring you to contact their “support hotline”. The cheerful staff on the other end will happily take your credit card information and charge you a painful amount of money before providing you with the key to your data.

Modern infections often won’t steal your data at all, instead destroying it or holding it hostage. Defensive browsing habits (ie. Don’t download that suspicious looking file) and a smart data security plan (as enacted by Sterling Grace Technologies, your essential and professional IT managed service provider) can usually stop this type of thing before it starts, but no amount of security precautions are going to save your data from a physical hardware failure, software bug, or even human error. It always seems that a disaster recovery strategy is at the bottom of a business owner’s list of priorities until that fateful moment when that server hard-drive fails (and it WILL fail).


Seeing how rare it was for local companies to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, Sterling Grace Technologies sought to simplify the process to ensure that our clients wouldn’t be caught off guard. Enter Sterling Vault, our answer to data-loss is a turnkey solution, combining specialized software and dedicated hardware to vastly improve on existing small business backup technologies.

  • Ubiquity: Forget about those “great” cloud solutions that keep maybe a week’s worth of only your most critical data. We can cover your whole office using differential backup technology, allowing you to store way more data and by saving only changes since the last backup, to effectively give you a snapshot of all your files at any point over the last six months (or longer)!
  • Security: Client data is encoded locally with state-of-the-art encryption technology, meaning that even if your cloud storage were compromised, the data would be useless to them. The backup “director” controls all data storage, ensuring that an infection on one computer will not put the backup server (or any previous backups) at risk. If a workstation is infected, we’ll be able to restore the computer to the state before the virus made it onto the hard-drive.
  • Speedy Recovery: Most users choosing cloud based backup solutions don’t consider the download delay. When that server fails, 50 GB of data in the cloud can take almost 24 hours to retrieve over that DSL connection, and many servers store much larger amounts. Can you afford to close your doors for a day?
  • Physical Security: In the event of a catastrophic loss (fire, flood, etc.), your most critical data is synched to the cloud daily, but everything else is also picked up from a mirrored hard-drive and stored offsite in our secure, water and fireproof safe! Our technicians arrive on site, make the swap quickly and without disrupting business and bring the stored data back to our fire-proof and secure vault, where it is stored. Not only does this allow us to protect data as it is being backed-up but the encryption and off-site storage makes it virtually impossible to be a target for hackers. The most important part about the “off-site” aspect is that the data is disaster-proof.
  • Powerful Additional Features: We remotely support the Sterling Vault, running quarterly data restoration tests using virtual private network (VPN) technology. We can also provide remote technical support to our customers, and share the VPN with them so that they can access office workstations and applications from home.

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and hackers will continuously upgrade along with these advancements. Our team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of computer security and developing software such as The Vault to protect your company’s important information.

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