About Us

Sterling Grace Technologies exists to ease the technology challenges faced by small and medium businesses in Eastern Ontario. We serve a large variety of client markets, including non-profit clubs and sports leagues, and businesses ranging in size from small single-person operations, to large international corporations. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and a passion for building air-tight office networks, scalable web applications, and effective online marketing strategies and tools.


Our Vision:

Our goal is to be the default choice for small and medium business technology solutions in Ontario.


Our Mission:

We will work hard to become an integral part of each of our clients’ teams. We will learn not just how they use their technology, but how they actually conduct business. This will enable us to assume a dual role as technology support and business analyst, executing technology strategies that will increase operational efficiency and save the business time, energy and money. We will also maintain the highest level of knowledge and training, giving clients access to incredibly cost-effective technology expertise.


Our Culture:

1. Trustworthy Support

In all dealings with customers and within the company, we take responsibility for our work-product. When challenged with a problem that we believe is not our responsibility, we investigate any possible point-of-failure we may be responsible for. We relay our findings and present recommendations for a resolution even when we conclusively determine that we are not the source of a problem.

2. Ownership

We admit when we have dropped the ball and do everything in our power to correct the issue and learn from our mistakes.

3. Customer Education

We investigate the nature of a customer problem and determine various solutions. We educate our customers by providing detailed analysis of the pros and cons of each option at their disposal so that they have the tools needed to make the best decision for their business.

4. Team Work

Our team works together to leverage each other’s talents and produce the best possible outcome. When we raise up our team, rather than ourselves, everyone benefits.

5. Giving

Our philosophy is to dedicate a percentage of our profits to humanitarian organizations. We believe strongly in providing aid to those struggling in the third world, and support organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to relief and improving the quality of life.

6. Balance

We believe in a balanced approach to life, recognizing the importance of family life and personal enrichment. We consistently and efficiently manage our time, completing work first so that we can spend quality time with family, friends, and on personal time outside the office.

7. Competitive Compensation based on Performance

We believe in strengthening our team through team-building, rewards for high performance, and removing financial strain by providing competitive compensation. Our hope is that this motivates our team to work harder because they enjoy their jobs.

8. Quality

Our customers deserve the very best quality. Our products are thoroughly tested and built right the first time. We may not be the cheapest, but we will strive to be the best!

9. Commitment

We give everything we commit to 100% until we succeed. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture and success of Sterling Grace Technologies, its current and future team, and its clients at all times. We always recommend products and services of SGT prior to going outside the company.

10. Communication

I believe in transparency and obtaining constant feedback from  my customers. I believe that our customers are the best way to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and encourage a culture of continuous improvement.

11. Fullfillment

We exists to improve the lives of our customers AND our team. We will strive to engage our team and ensure they have an enriching, challenging experience that helps them grow in their position at SGT as well as their overall career.

12. Success

We totally focus my thoughts, energy and attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing. We are willing to win and allow others to win: Win/Win. At all times, we display inner pride, prosperity, competence and personal confidence.

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