An ever growing number Canadians are turning to web-based vendors, meaning that if your business is not capable of processing transactions online you may be losing out on significant sales opportunities. With experience in building both out of-the-box cart solutions and rolling our own custom carts, Sterling Grace Technologies can help you reach these markets with a consistently high-quality eCommerce experience that will keep your customers coming back.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant

We have extensive experience in building solutions that integrate with PayPal, Stripe and Moneris, using each of these platforms secure “vault” interfaces to allow storing customer card information in a secure way that meets industry standards and ensures you won’t find your company in the papers as the next big credit card security breach.

Accounting Integration

The Sterling Grace Technologies team features a strong background in bookkeeping practices and specializes in integration of your eCommerce solution with your backend accounting system. We have worked on a variety of projects integrating with Intuit Quick Books and Sage Simply Accounting. Take advantage of our experience today to streamline your accounting workflow.


Consumers everywhere trust PayPal as the gateway of choice to process their online purchases
Web and mobile payments, simplified!
Moneris eSelect Plus
Online payments using Moneris powerful vault technology for air-tight security
Quick Books
Bookkeeping Software
Leading bookkeeping and reporting software from Intuit
Simple Accounting
Bookkeeping Software
Leading bookkeeping and reporting software from Sage