Custom Business Software

Building enterprise-class network based software tailored to your individual business is our specialty. You may not consider your company a “software company”, but consider the fact that over 90% of Canadian households are connected to the internet (citation link –, meaning that the majority of your customers are finding your business online. Companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple are setting the standard for online market interactions.


Consumers have grown to expect a consistent, high-quality online experience with every company they do business with today.
If you aren’t using an online platform that connects your potential market to your business from the comfort of their home, you can bet that your competition are – or soon will be!


Agile Development
Other developers might map out a detailed set of requirements for your project, then go into radio silence for months while they build your software. When the project is delivered it may differ significantly from your original vision, or the needs of your business and customers may have changed. This process, known as Waterfall development, often results in a product that is not a good fit, leading to major revisions or even project failure! We demystify the software development process through Agile development, using small iterations to quickly build working prototypes for client review. Our customers benefit from a shorter timetable for deliverables, encouraging customer participation through regular feedback, and allowing for rapid course correction as we respond to changing business needs.
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We leverage the following industry leading technologies to rapidly deliver solid, bug-free applications.


Revision control
Every project is fully tracked in version control using Mercurial, with every change being catalogued and backed up off-site through the BitBucket online code repository.


Issue tracking
We use BitBucket’s built-in trouble ticket software, providing a centralized listing where software issues are reported, allowing us to keep you in the loop about project changes and problem resolution.


Apache HTTP Server
An industry leading web server, over 50% of the world’s website and web-applications are served from this platform.


Revision Control

Every change to every project is catalogued and backed up off-site through the BitBucket online code repository

Issue Tracking
Centralized software bug and feature request tracking keeps our customers in the loop about project progress and bug resolution
Apache HTTP Server
Web Server
Over 50% of the worlds website and web-applications are served from the Apache platform
Google App Engine
Cloud Application Deployment
Leverage the power of Google infrastructure and deliver unparalleled application performance
Google Computer Engine
Cloud-Based Business Networking
Place your network operations in the cloud for guaranteed business continuity
Application Containers
Unprecedented scalability and portability for your website or application
Application Framework
A leading PHP application framework enabling rapid application development
Application Framework
A leading Python framework enabling rapid application development
Application Framework
A leading Python framework enabling rapid application development
Database Server
One of the worlds leading database servers
JavaScript Framework
Rapid frontend application development
Responsive Website Framwork
CSS framework from Twitter enabling rapid mobile application and website development
Text Messaging and Call Automation
Send text messages and automated phone calls from your application
Transactional Email by MailChimp
Shift your application email into overdrive using MailChimps cloud based mail platform
Consumers everywhere trust PayPal as the gateway of choice to process their online purchases
Web and mobile payments, simplified!
Moneris eSelect Plus
Online payments using Moneris powerful vault technology for air-tight security

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