Canadian Do Not Call List

canada-do-not-call-listCanada protects businesses and consumer phone numbers through their Do Not Call List program (DNCL). Companies take a significant risk if they choose to make calls without a comprehensive DNCL screening procedure in place, with steep fines based on the size of the company and the type of violation. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) selected Bell Canada to grant the administration of this service, and the system that was developed is a highly manual and often confusing system, making automation difficult and screen prone to human error.


When the DNCL program was enacted in 2009, Sterling Grace Technologies identified a need in the market for a service that would simplify compliance, and responded to this need through the development of SterlingDNCL. This platform acts as an abstraction between the manual Bell Canada system and a client’s applications, enabling full automation through easy integration of client systems with the DNCL.

Our primary integration use-case involves tying the SugarCRM (Customer Relationship Management software) to the Canadian DNCL, which allows the database to be automatically scrubbed immediately after a new contact is added that is on the restricted list, or when a number that was previously present in the database is newly added to the national list.

Usage of SterlingDNCL is by subscription, with affordable pricing depending on the size of your organization. Contact us today for more information.