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stock-photo-moscow-june-displays-in-control-center-at-factory-caparol-on-june-in-moscow-russia-132409328The technology landscape is continuously evolving. For modern business, that technology is often at the core of their strategy for success. With desktop and laptop workstations, mobile devices, networked peripherals and server and cloud based applications, it is becoming both more difficult and more important than ever to keep up. Unfortunately, most companies do not have the expertise to effectively maintain their business systems.

Leverage our expertise

We offer a single point-of-contact, full service IT Department for small and medium business. We support companies that are unable to justify the salary of a full time Systems Administrator, and offer backup and additional expertise for companies with existing tech staff that are overloaded with day-to-day operations.

Our flexible pricing structure is based on the number of client devices requiring support, meaning we are an affordable solution regardless of the size of your operation.

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Our services

  • Remote or on-site support. We are your technology lifeline for smart phones, desktop workstations, mobile and other network devices.
  • Email support. Assisting your staff with most modern email clients, including Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, and more.
  • Systems administration. We support both software and hardware, keeping server and workstation software and operating systems up to date, safe and secure.
  • Peak performance. Delivering monthly system tune-ups, virus and malware prevention and removal.
  • Peace of mind for your Network. Firewall security, phone system administration, virtual private network (VPN) support allowing access from anywhere, network based local backups and cloud based offsite backups. All using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Application administration. Customer relationship management software (CRM), billing systems, document management, business wikis, custom software solutions and more.
  • Get with the Cloud. Migration of business systems to cloud based infrastructure

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